Saves up to 75% on water usage


Saves up to 33% on floor space


Saves 80% on cost and material

The LIFEWISE ECO-LOO can basically be described as a washbasin mounted on top of a standard flush toilet. Probably the greatest benefit of this exciting invention, is the fact that it saves more water and space than any other sanitary/ bathroomware currently on the market. Millions of litres of water literally, are saved every day, as water automatically runs into the cistern once someone has used the washbasin. Which means no water is wasted in either the wash or flush processes.

The Eco-Loo is SABS approved , and has won the prestigious SABS Design Award in 2009. The Eco-loo is a green savings product. The Eco-Loo is the most environmentally-friendly and sensible solution to the increasing drought, hygiene and sanitation problems currently afflicting our country. Not to mention a number of other countries around the world.



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Eco-Loo Advantages
  • It saves up to 75% on water usage, as soon as you wash your hands at the basin. This statistic was derived from the fact that toilets are used to flush 90% liquid waste and 10% solid waste. The liquid waste can be flushed by water from the basin and the solids can be flushed by the normal mechanism of the toilet. Normally a person will use a toilet eight to ten times for liquid use, compared to once or twice for solid use. By using the LIFEWISE ECO-LOO an average of 56 litres of water can be saved per day per person. So in a normal household of 4 people, up to 224 litres can be saved per day. In a town of 50,000 people that translates into 2.8 million litres of water being saved every single day, with a minimum saving of 84 million litres per month. Phenomenal!
  • Vastly improves personal hygiene and health in every home , especially in previously disadvantaged communities
  • It saves up to 33% on floor space by combining the basin and toilet units.
  • The installation of the combination can lead to 80% saving on installation cost and material, because only one water connection can be used for both basin and cistern.
  • The normal flush mechanism will last longer, as the wear will be minimized up to 75%.
  • The washbasin can be purchased and fitted seperately, therefore it can function as a stand alone unit
  • The LIFEWISE ECO-LOO can be fitted to most standard toilets and the conversion can be installed with the minimum cost implications by any ordinary plumber.