The Eco-Loo reduces water usage by up to 75%

Consumers can help reduce waste by making small behavioural changes and by choosing more water efficient products. Toilets use about 30% of the total water used in a household. There are millions of toilets in SA homes, using billions of litres of fresh water every day. The average toilet flush is 9 liters of water per flush. Converting your existing toilet or using the revolutionary new Lifewise Eco-Loo is the perfect green solution.

Saves 224 litres of water per day per household of 4


Vastly improves personal hygiene and health

  • Improves hygiene in the home.
  • Reduces risk of illness and infection.
  • Eliminates wasted space.
  • Dramatically reduces wear & tear.
  • Save 224 litres of water per day per household of 4 – that’s l.8 million litres of water per day in a community of 50 000 people.
  • Vastly improves personal hygiene and health in every home, especially in previously disadvantaged communities.
It saves up to 75% on water usage, as soon as you wash your hands at the basin. This statistic was derived from the fact that toilets are used to flush 90% liquid waste and 10% solid waste. The liquid waste can be flushed by water from the basin and the solids can be flushed by the normal mechanism of the toilet. Normally a person will use a toilet eight to ten times for liquid use, compared to once or twice for solid use. By using the LIFEWISE ECO-LOO an average of 56 litres of water can be saved per day per person. So in a normal household of 4 people, up to 224 litres can be saved per day. In a town of 50,000 people that translates into 2.8 million litres of water being saved every single day, with a minimum saving of 84 million litres per month. Phenomenal!
  • Vastly improves personal hygiene and health in every home , especially in previously disadvantaged communities
  • It saves up to 33% on floor space by combining the basin and toilet units.
  • The installation of the combination can lead to 80% saving on cost and material, because only one water connection can be used for both basin and cistern.
  • The normal flush mechanism will last longer, as the wear will be minimized up to 75%.
  • The washbasin can be used be purchased and fitted seperately, so as to function as a stand alone unit
  • The LIFEWISE ECO-LOO can be fitted to most standard toilets and the conversion can be done with the minimum cost implications.

The toilet pan and taps are not included in the Eco-Loo packaged unit however the white Nylon taps can be included as an additional cost. All it takes is a simple standard procedure which can be conducted by any handyman, without any additional costs. This means you can literally install it anywhere, anytime, at a truly affordable price. This is when the real savings start !

The Eco-Loo is unique, affordable and extremely economical. IT IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF EVERY HOME.