Water Saving at it’s best – The Eco-Loo ( with Detachable Basin)

The Lifewise Eco-Loo

The LIFEWISE ECO-LOO can basically be described as a washbasin mounted on top of a standard flush toilet. Probably the greatest benefit of this exciting invention, is the fact that it saves more water and space than any other sanitary/ bathroomware currently on the market. 100’s Of litres of water literally, are saved every day, as water automatically runs into the cistern once someone has used the washbasin. Which means no water is wasted in either the wash or flush processes.

The Lifewise Eco-Loo Plus

  1. 90º  PVC  “Elbow”
  2. 450mm x 40mm PVC pipe.
  3. 90º PVC  “Elbow” with nut and black rubber seal.
  4. 90º PVC  “Elbow”.