Patent nr:2003/02973 “Toilet – Wasbak Kombinasie.”

The SABS Approved Lifewise Eco-Loo is a closed-loop cistern and basin combination that reduces water use by up to 75% by channeling the water used to wash hands after toilet use into the toilet pan to flush urine. The cistern saves space, as it is not required to fit a separate basin next to the toilet. It reduces bathroom installation cost by up to 80% and can be fitted to any standard toilet pan.


Created from the highest quality ABS ( Acrylontrile Butadiene Styrene ) plastic, the Lifewise Eco-Loo complies with all the SABS requirements, as the following highly stringent tests were performed and successfully completed SANS752:2007; SABS 821: 1990; SABS 1509:2002.(Test reports are available on request.)

ABS is fully recyclable


  •  Size: 470 x 230 x 147
  • Plug Size: 38mm
  • Wall Mount: 2 x M8 Raw Bolts (Only for individual mounting)
  • 2 x M4 Stainless Slot screws (Only if mounted to Cistern)
  • Facet Mount: All standard facets can be moulded (Hot and Cold)
  • 2 x 25mm hole for mounting facets.
  • Stability Temp: Temperature not to exceed 80°C (Usability 40-60°C)
  • Structured Mat: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Volume: 4.0 L (25mm from Brimful)


Special notice must be taken that the Lifewise Eco-Loo is the only product of it’s kind that can be mounted with six raw bolts/screws to a wall.  A necessary feature,  in vulnerable areas,  to the broad public.

  • Size: 350 x 210 x 320
  • Inlet Size: 2 x Left and Right (Standard pipe thread 14mm ID)
  • Wall Mount: 4 x M6 Raw Bolts(For individual mounting and with Basin)
  • Stability Temp: Temp. not to exceed 80°C (Usability 40-60°C)
  • Structure Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Volume: 5.0 – 7.0 L (Adjustable Float)
  • Outlet Pipe: 44mm ID
  • WC Flushing Cisterns Units: mm (metric)
  • Degrees:   Celsius °C


SABS: SANS 821: 1990/SABS 821:1990

SABS: SANS 1509: 2002 / SABS 1509: 2002

PATENT NO. : 2003/2973 Described as “Toilet – wasbak kombinasie”



Packaging Dimensions:

  • Length …. 480 mm;
  • Height …. 360 mm;
  • Width …. 240 mm;

Package weight:

  • 3,4 kg