MINOS ‘water-on-demand’ Cistern Mechanism

The MINOS Cistern Mechanism

Save MONEY on your water account every month, by stopping unnecessary water loss, with our MINOS ‘water-on-demand’ cistern mechanism.

As a proudly South African company, committed to water saving innovation, we have spent years researching, developing and perfecting our water technology solutions and recently patented the ‘water-on-demand’ cistern mechanism, which will save a significant amount of water every day.

This is how the system works:

The cistern remains empty between uses and prevents any undetected leaks from faulty or old rubbers seals.

  1. ​When entering the bathroom, press the ‘fill’ button.
  2. The water will fill the cistern to the set height.
  3. When you are done using the toilet, push the ‘flush’ button.
  4. The cistern empties and then remains empty until the next time it is filled ‘on demand’ for use.
Minos Complete Cistern

Product Details

Our patented Pre-Fill Cistern Mechanism has the same features as the Post-Fill complete cistern. The mechanism fits into all ceramic and plastic top & front flush cisterns. It stops all leaking when the cistern is not in use as the cistern remains empty. There is a fill button and a flush button, so the fill button needs to be pushed when entering the bathroom

Minos Cistern Mechanism
Minos Complete Basin Cistern Without Lid

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